3 ways to save the environment


ways to save the environment

environment is the most important thing for human beings .and we need to save it also and the enviroment is the thing that full fill all our needs and this is our responsibility to mannage it or improve it.IN this mordern era wee need to take some majore steps regarding the improvement of our enviroment due to increasing of human popullation causes many damage to the environments and the steps we need to take about are listed below.

1. Reuse of non degradable items

we need to improve the use of non degradable product and firt thing to do is reuse it as much as possible and we need to use things like bottels and containers in our daily basses these things can be used more than one time we use it in pur home to contain water and any other liqued thing or we can use it in our gardern like we can put some hard plastic container as a flower pot or we can plug some flower in it or we can decorate it and put it in our gardern to make it more fancy.on the internet there are thousand of way hoe to manitain or how to decorate gardern with waste.

2.dont polute water sorces

in this age there are millions of factory across the world that put there cemical waste directly in the water bodys . that casuse a major change in water body and it also effect on fish in the water bodys .the cemical waste puted in the water sources have toxic content that is responsible of the death of major groups of fishes in the water .and on the other hand increasing popullation is also a leading problem the nondegradeble waste created by the human are also thrown in the water bodys directly so we need to avoid them and this way save the environment.

3. somke of transport equipment

The are uncountable tranport equipment in the worls and this vichels are run by petrol and other non reneable resources. and burning of fuel causes smoke and this will effect our environment. this kind of toxic smoke casuse air pollution and due to air pollution the thickness of the ozone layer that protect our earth for sun’s UV rays and air pollution without ozone layer the UV rays of sun directly recive on the surface of earth and this UV rays can cause you genetical changes and this UV rays will cause muttation.

Updated: August 19, 2019 — 10:31 am

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